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 Just Driving Around

This is " la France profonde "  - the heartland of France that is calm and unhurried and seems to be set in a time warp.

 Where the old customs and mores remain unchanged from centuries before and time is dispensed at a leisurely pace.

Where the Boulangerie (bakery) is, for each village, the centre of the universe.

Just driving around is a sheer joy - especially with a GPS which takes you through farms, hamlets and villages you'd never see if you just drove along marked roads.



There's not a day that you don't find something serendipitous when driving around "hidden France" - a chapel hidden deep in a forest,

a derelict mill straddling a brook, a chateau only just visible between

 the towering cedars, a 12th century abbey adjoining a farmhouse, 

Roman ruins fording a stream......the sights (and sites) are endless.



Then there are the villages - no matter which direction you take, you'll come upon incredibly picturesque villages - many  of them with historic monuments (buildings, churches, cemeteries, castles etc) dating from the beginning of Christianity in France (though most seem to range from the 10th-12th centuries).


In fact you'll see more examples of Roman architecture in this region than

anywhere else in France ! 

And our frescoes will find these ancient medieval frescoes decorating the ceilings and walls of churches and chapels - and their oft hidden crypts and subterranean chambers.  






In fact, just 20 minutes from La Trimouille lies the

Roman Abbey of St Savin - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

due to its beautifully preserved frescoes dating 

from the 11th and 12th centuries.​



Oradour sur Glane - site of a tragic act of reprisal during WWII when an entire village was massacred.....the village as it stands today

(just 1 hr away from Le Logis Alexandra).


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