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 Attractions & Activities


There's so much to see and do in this region .... in fact two of the most popular
tourist attractions in the whole of France (after Paris and Disneyland of course) are
Amusement Parks which can be found right here in Poitou-Charentes.


Amusement Parks:

Futuroscope Is France's 3rd most popular destination and is only an hour away from La Trimouille. Utilising multi media, 

cinematographic & auto-visual techniques this futurisitic themed centre features both 4D as well as 3D cinemas.  



Puy du Fou ( 2 ½ hrs north west) is France's 4th most popular theme park (and rated one of the

best in the world); it features Medieval enactments on what is reputedly the largest stage in the world 

with a cast of thousands of actors,hundreds of horses and almost 500 fireworks per performance.


Animal Parks :

La Planète des Crocodiles

Civaux, just half an hour west of La Trimouille features more than 200 types of crocodiles,

snakes, iguanas etc while within just another half hour's driving time is .... 


La Vallée des Singes

With 32 different types of primate in all !


Réserve de la Haute -Touche

In Indre, half an hour's drive north, is the largest zoological park in France with more than

1,000 animals representing five continents - wolves, lynx, antelope, cheetahs, tigers, hyenas

and lemurs (amongst a host of other creatures) roaming over an enclosure of 500 hectares.​

Fun Things to Do:
Outdoor sports at Lathus

You can do a host of pretty wild activities just 20 minutes away - activities such as white river

rafting, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, rock climbing, caving & abseiling, as well as somewhat less

stressful activities such as horse riding, hiking and archery.


The ancient sport of Falconry

View the ancient sport of falconry with "les Geants du Ciel" in the medieval fortifications above

Chauvigny - just half an hour away from La Trimouille.


Vélo Rail at Chauvigny

Cycle through the countryside along the old, disused train tracks in an open air "car" - using muscle 

power to motor the engine....great views, great experience .......and great exercise!  


Tree top Adventure Courses

At Dienée (40 mins away) you can swing through the tree tops high above the ground along

steel wires.....not for the faint heated!






















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