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                            Rooms & Rates

​​We offer three "family" suites and two individual ensuite bedrooms.  

All rates include a complimentary continental breakfast.

We have free, high speed, internet throughout and TV's in most rooms.

​Our Ensuite Bedrooms:

3/4 Bedroom w/ 120 cm bed ("Colette")                     65€ 1 person 

Double Bedroom w/ 140 cm bed ("Dumas")               70€ 1 person/ 78€  couple 

Our Suites:

Two of our suites (the "George Sand" and the "Anatole France") are 2-bedroomed, catering for up to 7 persons per suite; 

our third suite (the "Françoise Sagan") has one bedroom and a large, separate, living room with convertible sofa to accommodate overall a maximum of 4 persons.​


1-Bedroomed Suite

"Françoise Sagan"​​​​​​​ is an apartment sized self-contained suite located on the 2nd floor in the rear ​​​​​​section of the house overlooking the village church; this suite is priced from 120€ for a couple and up to 180€  for 4 persons per night (or 45€ pp/pn).​​​​​​​​​​


2-Bedroomed Suites

"George Sand" ( 1 bathroom) is located on the 1st floor in the oldest section of "Le Logis" and is priced from 150€ for persons ranging to 270€  for 7 persons (or just 38.50€ pp.)


"Anatole France" (2 bathrooms) is located directly above, on the 2nd floor - pricing ranges from 180€ for 4 persons to 270€  for 7 persons.


Please Note: Our tariff increases in the High Season (July 1-September 1) per our rate card below for 2023.




Tarif 2019.jpeg

Floor Plan of the 1st floor showing the Suite "George Sand".


Floor Plan of Floor 2 showing Suites "Anatole France" & "Françoise Sagan"

and the 2 individual rooms -  "Dumas" (Double Bed 140cm) and "Colette"(3/4 bed 120cm).

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