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Biking is of course a national pastime - competitive or otherwise. Cyclists here assembled in front of the Mairie in readiness for the La Trimouille Circuit.


There's just so much to do here you can never get bored .......

 you can bike through the countryside or take

long meandering hikes passing though farms and villages,  meeting up with the locals as you pass by;  

crossing over bridges and fords under the shadows of our chateaux; coming upon 10th and 12th century abbeys​ that

today are just part of our local life.

There's boating and fishing and horse riding; swimming in the rivers and the lakes; canoeing and kayaking and shooting the rapids - and there's always hunting (the sport of Kings) through the winter months.

Our region with its rivers and lakes is a nature enthusiast's delight...with almost every village sited

on a stream or a river.  

And right here in our own riverine village of La Trimouille, the rivière Benaize offers fishermen of all ages an opportunity

for the catch of a life time ............  

The commune of La Trimouille alone has more than

100 kms of river bank - and in our rivers

you can fish for brown trout, chub,

roach, Guerdèche, and pike.

Outdoor Activities

Rivers predominate in this region providing diverse forms of recreation for all ages - from just having fun, to swimming, fishing and boating.


And of course the rivers provide a picturesque backdrop for those who just wish to walk the 

country paths and trails.

Walking trails abound and are well marked - here the walker can pass through private land -

if it is marked as a trail.















Kayaking on the Benaize River at La Trimouille  

Ancient sarcophogi (tombstones) have been laid eons ago creating bridges across the Benaize River.

If you're not afraid of heights you can take a walk almost 40 meters above the town of Le Blanc on its disused railway bridge -

a "careful" walk of just over half a kilometre. 

You can play golf, or go to the races.

 Or you can stay right here and have a game of  tennis (or pétanque) on the village green.

But if you are interested in the animal world then you must visit Haute Touche (just 40 kms away in the Brenne National Park - its the largest (50 hectares) Zoological Reserve in France with 1,000 different species from 5 continents all running around in the wild.  

Drive there then take a bicycle or just stay in your car and drive'll see loads of different animals and birds.

La Trimouille and its surrounds are ideal for picnics in the warmer months - especially right here on the banks of the Benaize with the magnificent Chateau Rivière towering above.

And if you're travelling through the region with your fellow motor cyclists then just set up on our village green - tables provided!

Or, you can be like the rest of us and take a leisurely 2-3 hr lunch in any one of the picturesque villages in the region.

Walking Trails Close By

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