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 "Bien Etre"  (Well-Being)

Within minutes from the village of La Trimouille you will find some of our best kept secrets - and why this area is often referred to as "the hidden France".

Here we have monastic centres, yoga retreats, thermal spas,rejuvenatory treatments; all catering to our overall wellness, 

whether it be physical, spiritual, emotional......or all three.

     Some of the most amazing pursuits and activities are located right here in the Vienne - including Roche Posay, the largest destination spa in Europe (and L'Oreal's skin-care research centre); 3 HO, the European headquarters for Kundalini Yoga and Chökhor Ling, a Buddhist retreat where you can learn meditation, tara yoga and qi qong from France's celebrated aerobics & gym personna, Davina Dehor.


Located in Haims (just 15 minutes away) is the Monastic Centre of Chökhor Ling founded by a Buddhist nun Davina Gelek Drölkar who, in a previous life as Davina Delors had her own Gym/Aerobics Show on TV  in the 1980's and was as famous here in France as Jane Fonda was in the States.

Today Davina teaches yoga and meditation and offers Chökhor Ling as a holistic retreat - please refer to the centre's website on the link above left.


A little further up the road at St Pierre de Maille is the headquarters of Kundalini Yoga's 3HO Europe - a spiritual and well-being yoga retreat and meditation centre founded by Yogi Bhajan.

The annual European Yoga Festival is held every July with approximate 2,000 devotees attending. 



And then there is La Roche Posay - the largest destination spa in France and the first European centre of thermal dermatology....just 50 minutes away from La Trimouille.

The curative powers of the thermal waters at La Roche Posay were recognised as far back as in the Roman times and were subsequently validated (in 1869) by the Academy of Medicine. The water emanates from deep underground and has three trace elements that are proven to be efficacious for those with hyper sensitive skin   - selenium, silica and calcium.

In fact, because of the exceptional healing properties of its subterranean springs, La Roche Posay has become the research and development centre for L'Oreal which produces the La Roche Posay brand of skin products​.


The town is also highly reputed for its skin treatments using laser technology and has been acknowledged for its highly successful treatment of skin conditions including visible signs of ageing.



But if you really want to be totally pampered and spoiled then there is none better than Institute Charlyne - just 10 minutes away in Montmorillon - which offers a full range of beauty treatments along with a Hamman and Sauna.


Using state of the art equipment, their clinicians can visibly reduce signs

of ageing and stress - seriously, Charlyne's facials can eradicate years!  

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