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Suite  "George Sand"  

A 2-bedroomed suite (70 s.m.) 

 accommodating from 3-7 persons   

This delightful suite on the 1st floor has been created from what were originally, in the old hotel,  three bedrooms and a large landing.


 Today it comprises a lounge/dining area with 

coffee and tea making facilities, refrigerator

(and microwave available on request);  

two very large bedrooms (ranging from 25-26 s.m.)

and a huge (14 s.m.) bathroom.


The old hotel's oak flooring has been retained in all rooms(including the bathroom)

which features a walk-in shower, an antique marble toilette table - the two washbasins are the hotel's

originals circa 1947.  

The first bedroom which overlooks the street has both a 140 cm Double bed and a 90 cm single bed; the second,

which overlooks the Mairie has a 140 cm Double Bed and an antique Divan(Single bed); an additional bed can be

furnished upon request.

 A special feature of this bedroom is the hidden

wash basin and change table behind the curtaining.




     Prices include continental breakfast.


150€     3 persons (50€/day pp)   > 180€  in high season

180€     4 persons (45€/day pp)   >  220€      "           "

210€     5 persons (42€/day pp)   >  250€      "           "

240€     6 persons (40€/day pp)   >  295€      "           "

270€     7 persons (38.50/day pp)> 340€      "           "


 Floor Plan 

A second bed (single)

has been added in this room.

Coffee & tea making facilities w/refrigerator (microwave available if needed) are located here.


This bedroom is now

provided with a Double Bed

as well as a single bed (a supplemental single bed to be added, if needed).

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