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Day Trips from La Trimouille


You can rent a car locally (from Leclerc supermarket at Montmorillon) for 5€/day + 0.12 centimes/kilometre -

an absolutely amazing deal !   

Or, if you are thinking about a prolonged visit using La Trimouille as your base for exploring "Undiscovered France"

Leclerc offers a long term rate of just 250€/month

with 1,200 kms included in the price.  


Or, like guests, Jerome and Florence, owners of the St.Georges Hotel in Saintes  the Atlantic Coast), you can just

drive around in your own handmade 1963 Morgan roadster..... 

Please click on the boxes below to verify distances to major destinations within 1hr to 3½ hrs away from La Trimouille ...and

to check on current weather conditions.

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